Limited Edition Hona Box


The Hona box contains:

    • Exclusive french touch candle “The 12 strokes of midnight” with European soy wax and the delicate scent of the french perfume capital : Grasse
    • Shine soap with red clay
    • Purifying soap with yellow clay
    • Wheat germ oil body butter in a biodegradable resin box



Cold saponified superfated face and body soaps.

Each soap gently purifies and removes impurities, suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive!

Handmade in Portugal with ingredients of natural origin, rich in vegetable glycerin.

Our soaps are fragrance free, contain no allergens or essential oils.


  • Yellow Clay: natural mineral powder, composed of Illite, it absorbs excess sebum and gives radiance to the skin.
  • Red Clay: Natural mineral powder, rich in iron oxide and trace elements, so that it is the “healthy glow” clay par excellence.




Handmade in Portugal with ingredients of natural origin.
This fragrance-free balm does not contain any allergenic agent from fragrance or essential oil. Made with Shea butter, coconut and wheat germ oil, with antioxidant, repairing and moisturizing properties. It is suitable for the whole family!


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