Artisanal candle medium


Because your room’s mood and atmosphere are important, we created a candle that sets the tone!

Our candle is a marriage of Portuguese know-how for ceramics and fragrances from the french capital of perfumes : Grasse.

  • Our candles’ ceramic pots are turned by a craftsman a few kilometres from our workshop.
  • Thefragrances have been selected by us, with particular attention to the cedar of Lebanon fragrance, a nod to our co-founder Ralph!
  • We have selected an european biodegradable soya wax*, known for its slow combustion. This way, your candle will last even longer. (*the soy wax we use is not harmful to the planet as these soy crops do not use pesticides or GMOs). Moreover, it does not release any toxic substances for health as it could be the case of paraffin for example.
  • The wooden sticks also allow a slower burn, which will make your candle last longer!


  • For a homogeneous combustion, when lighting the candle for the first time, do not extinguish before the realization of the “pool”. Meaning that all the surface of wax becomes liquid.
  • When not in use, keep the candle away from high temperatures.
  • To re-use the jar when the wax ends, dip the jar in a water bath and clean with a paper towel to remove excess wax.

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