Are your products organic?

We only select organic ingredients for the manufacture of our products.

Where do you manufacture your products?

We produce our own range of cosmetic products as well as candles in our laboratory workshop in Ericeira, Portugal . We comply with European cosmetic regulations and the associated hygiene standards.

Do you work with local ingredients?

We strive to work with national products and local artisans. On the other hand, some ingredients such as Shea butter have few equivalents in Europe. That said, as soon as an ingredient can come from Europe, we do not make concessions and prefer these products!

Are your products vegan?

We do not have a vegan certification but we do not carry out any tests on animals and only use vegetable oils.

Do you have a store?

Our Laboratory/shop is open to the public on weekdays. You can also find all our products on our E-SHOP

What is the delivery time if I order online?

In Europe, about 5 to 7 days. The rest of the world depends on the destination but about 7 to 10 days.

Which countries can you order products from?

We send all over the world.

What is the ecological impact of the Hona brand?

All the products we use are organic (or at most natural). We are sensitive to our impact on the environment. For this, all our packaging is made of recycled paper, organic cotton, resin and ceramic.

Can I use body butter to take care of a new tattoo?

Our balm contains only natural ingredients and has been approved by a toxicologist. Ask your tattooist for advice, but our balm is fragrance-free and based on shea butter, ideal for the healing of your tattoo.

Do you make a refill system in the resin jar for body butter?

At the moment, for health and safety reasons, this is not feasible with our procedures. However, we encourage you to reuse it as a transport box for our soaps or shampoos.

How long does a natural sponge last?

About 1 year if you take care of it (i.e., do not twist it, nor boil it and let it dry after use)

Why is your soap more expensive than industrial soap?

It is an artisanal process and requires a drying time of 4 to 6 weeks. This implies higher production costs but also higher product quality. Also, our raw materials are quality, as are our packaging.

What is the most effective soap for eczema and acne?

Our soaps are all composed of 100% natural products and therefore recommended for sensitive skin, especially white clay soap. The latter is recommended for the most sensitive skin. This does not prevent you from asking your dermatologist for advice.

Do your soaps contain perfumes?

All our products are guaranteed without perfume.

Can I use dog soap for other animals?

We developed the dog soap formula with a veterinarian, for dog washing only.

Can we wash our hair with your soaps?

Our Rhassoul soap can also be used for hair. Moroccan women use it for body and hair.

How do I make my soap last longer?

It is important to keep in a dry place the soaps or shampoo that you’re using. For this, our LIEN soap dish has been specially designed so that you can place the shampoo and your soap after each use to make it last longer.

Are your soaps suitable for pregnant women?

Yes, soaps based on white clay would even be the most suitable since they are for the most sensitive skins.

Why can each soap have a different shape?

Our products are handmade and we do not use any electrical machine for cutting. The shape may differ from one soap to another, but the weight for our soaps is 140g.

Do you have different soaps for facial cleansing or hands?

Our soaps are versatile, they are effective for the body and the face. It is obviously made to wash one’s own hands, but, it would be a shame to use it just for the hands 🙂

The solid shampoo can be used on any type of hair?


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