The company

Our raw ingredients

All our raw ingredients have been selected with the greatest care. Those that have been cultivated are organic, our clays come from France.

Coconut Oil – Fair Trade & organic

Origin : Sao tomé

Property : Nourishing, anti-oxidant, softening, antibacterial

In our : Body Balm, all soaps

Shea Butter organic

Origin :Burkina Faso

Property : Regenerating, softener, nourishing

In our : Body butter, all soaps, shampoo

Wheat Germ Oil organic

Origin : Spain

Property : Rich in E vitamin, regenerating and healing properties

In our : Body butter

Sunflower Oil organic

Origin :France

Property : Rich in omega 6 and vitamin E. Repairing properties for the skin.

In our : Shampoo, all soaps

Castor Oil organic

Origin : India

Property :nourishing, rich in fatty acids and vitamin E. Hydrates and strengthens

In our : Shampoo, all soaps

Grape seed oil organic

Origin :France

Property : has antioxidant, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties

In our :all soaps

Olive Oil organic

Origin : Spain

Property : Nourishing, emollient, calming and antioxidant.

In our :all soaps

Yellow Clay

Origin :France

Property :Tonifying, purifying, repairing, absorbs sebum excess

In our :Shampoo, yellow soap

White Clay

Origin :France

Property : Repairing, purifying, softening, antiseptic

In our : White soap, shampoo

Green Clay

Origin :France

Property : Anti aging properties, help the cellular regeneration, sebo-regulator, purifying

In our : Green soap

Red Clay

Origin :France

Property : High iron percentage, tonifying, brightens the skin

In our : Red soap

Rhassoul Clay

Origin : Morocco

Property : Sebum regulator, soften, purifying, degreaser

In our : Rhassoul soap

Corn starch

Origin :Austria

Property : Help reduce the greasy touch of the balm

In our : Body butter

Oat flour

Origin :Germany

Property : Anti-irritation

In our : Dog soaps

Tocopherol (vitamin E) 100% of natural origin

Origin : Spain

Property : Powerful antioxidant

In our : Shampoo,body butter